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Guide Books

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The Debating, Pianoforte and Speech & Drama Guide Book is now available. Pre-purchased books through Stardom are currently being posted out. They can also be purchased on our website in our SHOP or at our office in Eureka House.

Her Majesty’s Theatre works update

Closing Dates for Entries have been extended.

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Due to the timing of school holidays and public holidays we have decided to extend the closing date from the 26th April to the 12th May.

For competitors who have already entered this will mean they can also amend or add to their entries up to the 12th May.

This excludes Calisthenics and does not effect disciplines that have a later closing date for entries; e.g. Mi Sound, Herald Sun Aria and The Arts For All.

Mi Sound Update

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Showbiz Cinema’s Mi Sound has a new venue for 2019!

We will now be presenting music in the vibrant atmosphere of the Hop Temple, Armstrong St North, this September where our musicians will be able to perform to the regular patrons of this business.  The Hop Temple is in the centre of the Ballarat CBD, nestled among a number of restaurants and other vibrant businesses – so your musicians will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse audience through the day and into the evening.

Whats Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound you might ask?

This is a special section of the Royal South Street Eisteddfod for students who are doing VET Music performance (2nd year) or VCE Music performance (solo or group).

It is NOT a competition.

The students have the opportunity to perform a full 20 minute set. We have an experienced VCE / VCE VET assessor providing critical feedback based on the exam criteria so students have the opportunity to fine-tune those last minute aspects of their performance before the exam.  Students also receive access to a showreel which they can use to see how they look on stage and possibly use for promotional purposes.

Whens Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound on?

Grab your diaries.
Showbiz Cinema’s Mi Sound is on from Wednesday September 11 until Friday September 13.

We can have 7 performances between 10am and 2.30pm and 8 sessions between 3.30pm – 8.30pm each day.

We are limited to 42 performances over the 3 days, so it is important to register your students as soon as possible.

Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound performances

Showbiz Cinema’s Mi Sound is about students presenting a performance to an audience in an authentic industry context. It can be any context (not necessarily directed specifically to an audience in a bar!).  It’s not just playing your instrument or singing.  Students MUST engage the audience as though it is a real show – ready to take on the road.

How to register for Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound

Registrations are open no at the Royal South Street website.  You’ll be directed to the Stardom booking system.  If you’ve had students performing at Showbiz Cinema’s Mi Sound previously (or in other RSSS section) you’ll probably know the drill.  But if you’re short on time or experience, just call the RSSS office on (03) 5332 1054 and they’ll happily organize the registration.

Then what?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to head over to the Showbiz Cinema’s Mi Sound page of the RSSS website and download the relevant documents.  My Sound Production students will be managing the audio and stage under the fantastic supervision of Rex Hardware and Shobana Sebastian – both with extensive experience in live sound.  As Showbiz Cinema’s Mi Sound is the Sound Production students’ major assessment in live sound and stage management, they will need information about each performance.  Additionally, each performance is introduced to the audience and a detailed Industry Statement needs to be provided for the announcer.

The following documents need to be completed and returned to David Santamaria by the following dates:

–          Mi Sound Gig info sheet (Monday May 13, extension to this date is available if required)

–          Mi Sound Explain performance (Friday July 19)

–          Mi Sound stage plan (Friday July 19)

–          Mi Sound Terms & Conditions (Friday July 19)

There are also other important docs on the web page to inform you of the following:

–          Mi Sound backline.  We provide a 5 piece drum kit, 2 guitar amps, bass amp, keyboard amp and a full FOH PA system with a 4 way foldback.  Performer need to bring music stands if they are being used, along with keyboard stands and (of course) their instruments.

–          Mi Sound Criteria sheet.  This explains to the students the areas in which they will be critiqued and given feedback.

–          Mi Sound Hop Temple stage & location.  This provides students with the dimensions of the stage & floor performance space, along with how to get to the venue & parking options.

–          Mi Sound preparing for the Gig.  This is a document regarding aspects of the performance requirements, such as if sheet music needs to be provided, use of backing tracks, and other performance notes

–          Mi Sound Special Conditions.  This has due dates for provision of documents and other aspects of the section which is read in conjunction with other RSSS performance conditions.

We look forward to another year of fabulous performances by VCE Music, VCE VET Music performance and other suitable musicians in September.

Oh, and don’t forget, if students or their parents are staying overnight in Ballarat at any time through the year, our sponsor – Showbiz Cinemas in Delacome – is a great venue to watch the latest movies.


South Street will be back in Her Majesty’s Theatre in 2019

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Will South Street be back in the theatre in 2019 has been the burning question since the theatre closed in December 2017.

Well, the answer is yes!

The resoration and safety works are at this point in time progressing very well with Nicholson Construction working to a July deadline.  So our intention is to have the Victorian Band Championships, Choral, Freemasons Festival of Bands and Strings, Energetiks Dance and CommBank Calisthenics back on the famous raked stage this year.

Show your support for Her Maj by supporting our petition as we lobby Canberra for an extra $5m to fully complete the upgrade, sign up at

Entries Open March 18th

Will South Street be back in Her Majesty’s Theatre in 2019?

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It seems the burning question the South Street bands, dance and calisthenic families have is “will the theatre be open in time for the comps next year?” Well, the short answer at this point in time is we can’t be 100% sure. According to Nicholson Construction, the firm charged with the current safety works, there is a very high chance. Early in the new year we will be able to give you a definitive answer… fingers crossed. Keep an eye on this website and our social media for updates.

2018 Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod successfully completes another year of magical performances – see you in 2019

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As the curtain falls for the last time on the amazing 2018 Competition – some words of thanks from Royal South Street Society President – Mr Peter Zala – “Well, what a challenging year, but we came through it with typical South Street aplomb and panache. Hearty congratulations to us all – our inexhaustible staff, fabulous volunteers, and our faithful sponsors and donors. A big thank you to our competitors, coaches and directors etc. who never stopped smiling and giving of their absolute best. Every discipline enjoyed some pinnacle moments, and lastly our grateful thanks to the vice chancellor and her staff for enabling us to continue and enhance our proud traditions once again in 2018.”