Curtain and Theatre Requirements 

The Royal South Street Calisthenics Committee are aiming to reduce the burden of paperwork for you as a coach.

We have developed on-line forms that will enable us to get the information we need to make the competition run as smoothly as possible without the need for you printing form after form or having to pay postage.

Simply choose the section(s) your team is entered in and complete the form(s) provided.  You will only be asked questions that relate to your particular section(s).

If you have ANY questions or are having difficulty completing the forms please don’t hesitate to contact the RSSS office on 03 5332 1054 during business hours or email .  You can also comment on the RSSS Eisteddfod Calisthenics Coaches facebook group and if you haven’t yet, join the group.

Lighting cue sheets

Plotting is only available for Division 3 and up for Sub Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors find out more here : Stage-Lighting-Rules Updated

If you aren’t plotting we’d advise having your lighting forms completed before completing this form so you can upload them at the same time.   Download a Lighting-Cue-Sheet-2016  here (if you don’t wish to do this now, you may email them separately asap to

Please choose your team’s section. (note: if you are completing the forms for more than one section you will be able to return to this page)
Championship Sub Juniors
Championship Juniors
Championship Intermediates
Championship Seniors
Championship Reserve Seniors
Division 1 Sub Juniors
Division 1 Juniors
Division 1 Intermediates
Division 1 Seniors
Division 2 Sub Juniors
Division 2 Juniors
Division 2 Intermediates
Division 2 Seniors
Division 3 Sub Juniors
Division 3 Juniors
Division 3 Intermediates
Division 3 Seniors
Division 4 Sub Juniors
Division 4 Juniors
Division 4 Intermediates
Division 4 Seniors
Division 5 Sub Juniors
Division 5 Juniors
Division 5 Intermediates
Division 5 Seniors
Division 6 Sub Juniors
Division 6 Juniors
Division 6 Intermediates
Division 6 Seniors
Division 7 Sub Juniors
Division 7 Juniors
Division 7 Intermediates
Division 7 Seniors