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Mi Sound is a section of Royal South Street held in the 2nd week of September. Students can perform their 20 minute set as a group or solo, competing for prizes identified around industry outcomes such as: Artistic award, Image / Presentation award, Engaging Set award, Audience Engagement award, Commercial award and there are also recording opportunities made available as prizes.

Mi Sound is particularly suitable for students completing their VET in VCE Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance) program but is open to any student who has the skill to perform a 20 minute set and wants to test out their program in an industry environment at the Element Nightclub of the Miners Tavern in Ballarat. Mi Sound can be suitable for private music teachers who want to give their groups or soloists an industry experience, for VCE Music teachers who want their VCE students to gain more confidence in their performance program and, of course, the VET in VCE Certificate III in Music industry students.

Students receive written feedback on their program, a video of their performance and judge’s comments to camera so that they can implement any suggestions that makes sense for them into their program before their performance exam in October.

We also encourage students in the 1st of their 2 year VCE or VET in VCE Music Performance programs to attend a session to be involved as an audience and help with their preparations for their 2nd year program.

To find out more about Mi Sound, please visit https://dmsmit.com/mi-sound/ and fill in the “Expression of Interest” forms.  South Street will be in contact with you to help your students register for Mi Sound and explain the documentation that needs to be completed as part of the entry.  Groups register for $62.10, while soloists register for $27.10. Or go to the South Street website & register your students through the Stardom portal.

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Radio Interview with 2017 Mi Sound Competitors – Lethal Sound Division