Support Us

Support Us

In order for the Royal South Street Society (a not for profit organisation) to keep presenting Australia’s longest running Eisteddfod annually, we need your help.


Volunteers are a vital part of the Competitions. You have the opportunity to contribute to a positive, worthwhile community activity with the added bonus of gaining personal satisfaction and enjoyment.


Your donation to the Prize Fund assists us to award prize money and trophies to prize winners across the 14 performing arts disciplines.

As an individual, you can support us through an individual donation. All individuals who make a donation will be listed in our donors page on our website and in the Guidebooks.


As a business or organisation there are a number of ways you can support the Royal South Street Society, for example through donation or by becoming a corporate sponsorship partner.

Contact Us to Get Involved: (03) 5332 1054

Our friendly team are available to discuss volunteering, donation and sponsorship opportunities with you.
If you are interested in:
Volunteering, please contact:

Donation and/or sponsorship opportunities, please contact either:

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