2019 entries for the Royal South Street Eisteddfod

are now open

The 2019 Competition Schedules are available for viewing or download on our comps page. Please review them prior to entering.

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South Street will be back in Her Majesty’s Theatre in 2019

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Will South Street be back in the theatre in 2019 has been the burning question since the theatre closed in December 2017. Well, the answer is yes! The resoration and…

Will South Street be back in Her Majesty’s Theatre in 2019?

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It seems the burning question the South Street bands, dance and calisthenic families have is “will the theatre be open in time for the comps next year?” Well, the short…

2018 Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod successfully completes another year of magical performances – see you in 2019

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As the curtain falls for the last time on the amazing 2018 Competition – some words of thanks from Royal South Street Society President – Mr Peter Zala – “Well,…

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