Girton Grammar’s Junior School Performance Choir wins the 2015 Royal South Street Eisteddfod.

“This year their performance has been lauded by internationally acclaimed opera star, Suzanne Johnston, and Douglas Heywood, OAM, as one of the finest children’s choirs they have heard in a very long time.”

Headmaster, Matthew Maruff.

Her Majesty’s Theatre celebrates 140 years, opening in 1875 as the Academy of Music. After re-modelling in 1898, the theatre was relaunched as her Majesty’s Theatre in recognition of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Graceful Girl Competition and the Herald Sun Aria both mark their 90th birthday.

Planning begins for Royal South Street 125 and Les Holloway and the Historical Committee begin work on 125 Years of South Street History.

HMT Stage