I first began competing at Royal South Street Society Dance Eisteddfod in 2015 and I quickly fell in love with the stage and competition scene, particularly  the prestige of Royal South Street as I watched all of the senior performers in their championships and as much as I hoped to be just like them on the stage one day, it seemed such an unattainable feat.


I continued in my dance journey and attended this incredible eisteddfod every year, even submitting video entries during covid and being supported every step of the way by my incredible dance teachers at The Academy of Classical Ballet.


I explored genres and expanded my training spending a year travelling down for additional classes with Transit Dance on Saturday’s in 2023  and finding my passion in jazz and lyrical whilst always maintaining my love for my foundation in ballet.

I have learnt over the years through much training, perseverance and opportunities to be resilient and dedicated but most importantly to train. There is no such thing as a perfect dancer as our learning never ends.

In 2023 I stepped onto the stage at Royal South Street dance eisteddfod again representing The Academy as I have for many years but this time in the senior championships for the first time as I was finally of age to be considered a senior and I danced a piece I love choreographed by Miranda Roscoe who has been the key person to help me explore my passion for jazz.

The jazz championship was my very last performance and there was so much incredible talent standing on that stage that when my number was called out as the winner, I had to think twice to realise it really was my number.

Since then, I have continued with my training at The Academy of Classical Ballet and added to this training by joining Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance as a full time MOPAC student and I look forward to continuing my dance journey and spending my September holidays at Royal South Street dance eisteddfod still as a competitor and one day maybe even as a teacher and parent.

Thank you to The Academy of Classical Ballet, the Royal South Street dance Eisteddfod and everyone that continues to make this eisteddfod the pinnacle of the competition season year after year.

Chloe Mc 2

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