Calisthenics is an artistic sport which has an Australia wide competition base. It combines dance, gymnastics, singing, apparatus manipulation and ballet, performed in theatres all across Australia including Ballarat’s historic Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Royal South Street’s CommBank Calisthenics is one of the largest competitions in the country attracting clubs from WA, SA, NSW, ACT, QLD and of course Victoria.

Calisthenics combines two Greek words, ‘kallos’ meaning beauty and ‘thenos’  strength and both attributes are very much required when competing.

2017 Calisthenics Tentative Timetable

Commbank Calisthenics Competition

2016  Forms

Info for Calisthenic Coaches 2016 Amendment 8.16


Curtain & Theatre Requirement (Online Form)

Team Lists.


Please supply a sheet detailing the names of all competitors in each division. These can be sent into RSSS prior to competitions or if not Clubs MUST supply these on the day to comply with OHS so we are aware of who is backstage on a given day.

Long Room Information 2016


Stage-Lighting-Rules Updated – please note the correct email to send your lighting forms to is


2016 Light Plotting Booking Form Cals

Risk Assessment 

Risk Assessment Checklist RSSS


It is a requirement of Her Majesty’s Theatre that any performance on stage that contains an element of risk MUST be granted permission prior to the performance.

In order to receive this permission a RISK ASSESSMENT form must be completed and sent to the RSSS Office 2 weeks before the start of the Section. Possible discussion/preview with a Her Majesty’s Theatre Technician may be requested prior to the performance.

Other information

Her Majesty’s Theatre: Map

Click here to view the Her Majesty’s cross section map

Amendments to Calisthenics Victoria Incorporated Competition Rules 2017

Data Projection at Her Majesty’s Theatre – FAQ

The following recommendations are general “guidelines” for lighting to achieve effective DLP visuals at Her Majesty’s Theatre:
Q.  What settings do I need to have my power point presentation at for Her Majesty’s Theatre?
A.  The DLP needs to be in a 16:9 ratio for Her Majesty’s

Q.  Can DLP be seen with 100% stage lights?
A.  No 70% is the highest you can go to

Q.  Can DLP be seen with 100% colour wash on cyc?
A.  No – generally 40% is the highest you can go

Q.  Can DLP be seen with 100% colour wash on stage?
A.  Yes

Q.  Is there a % recommendation for stage lights and cyc colours when using DLP?
A.  This is a bit of judgement, but lighting technician will always keep an eye on it from the front.

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