Anita Stapp for the Louis and John Stapp Memorial Prize.

Anita has great memories of growing up in Ballarat and was very aware of the Royal South Street Society Ballarat Eisteddfod.  She spent quite a few years with the Ruby Looni dance school and competing on the Her Majesty’s Theatre Stage in Calisthenics.

In her adult life, Anita who was working as a receptionist at televisions BTV6, met her husband John Stapp who was the first BTV6 Production Manager.  John also had a shared history with RSSS, as his grandfather Louis had been heavily involved.  The whole Stapp family became very involved in various aspects of the competition and she remembers dressing up in ballgowns and going to watch anything and everything that was on.  Anita remembers many happy times, watching wonderful performances, and then going back to various homes for coffee after the events, particularly on a Saturday night.  John served on the board of Royal South Street Society for many years before passing away at the age of 65.

John Stapp was the adjudicator for the BTV Talent Contest 1961, 1964, 1965

He was a Member of Royal South Street Board 1966 – 1980 (100 Year Committee 1979)

He was Vice-President 1970 – 1973

John was also Honorary Councilor 1981 – 1995


John Stapp

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