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Founders Theatre – Federation University Australia

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1870 Founders Theatre – Stage Plan with stage dimensions

South Street proudly announces a partnership with Federation University Australia (FedUni) to use the 1870 Founders Hall at their Mt. Helen campus. Founders is a most suitable and wonderful venue with seating for up to 670 patrons, an excellent sized stage and plentiful dressing and warm up rooms. FedUni’s Mt.Helen campus also presents a number of food and beverage options for the RSSS community as well as on campus accommodation for visitors and those competing.  Parking is also extensive and conveniently located.

Royal South Street said FedUni have really come to the rescue.

“Federation University have been amazing, they understood our predicament and have worked swiftly and in the spirit of partnership to make the venue available for the 60 days or so that we need it. They’ve been a true community champion, that’s what we love about Ballarat”.

Tours of the facility can be arranged by contacting the RSSS office on 5332 1054.

Founders Hall will be used for the Victorian Band Championships, Festival of Bands and Strings, Choral Contest (TBC), Dance and Calisthenics. All other disciplines will be held at their usual venues.

The 670 seat 1870 Founders Theatre is complemented by a series of smaller rooms and venues. A secondary space with mobile seating accommodates up to 170 people and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities. Four large ‘breakout’ rooms for 20-30 people and four more ‘syndicate’ rooms for groups of six or eight generate a range of options.

Entries for the 2018 Eisteddfod open on March 16th at

Mt Helen Campus, Ballarat Map

New section for people with disability

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New in 2017 The Royal South Street Society will introduce its first ever dedicated section for people with disability called The Arts for All. It will feature dance, speech & drama, vocal and instrumental and will conclude the Eisteddfod on November 7th. The event will be staged at the RACV Goldfields Resort at Creswick with competitors vying for prize money and medals whilst receiving constructive feedback from adjudicator Thomas Banks. Thomas is a performer himself who also manages the Centre for Access, a consultancy running workshops for businesses who need assistance in dealing with people with disability. The City of Ballarat, Ballarat Specialist School and 5 local disability service providers have joined a working group along with RSSS staff to help create the section.

The Arts for All

Life Membership Awarded

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Last week our annual general meeting took place.The event saw the release our our 2016 financial report accompanied by some supporting speakers. We were very excited to welcome along 2016 Mi Sound Competitor Anna Oliphant Wright as our guest performer for the evening, her original music and slide guitar performances were enjoyed by all. The pinnacle of the evening saw Lloyd Harvey honoured with a life membership, after 36 years as a Royal South Street Society Volunteer.

South Street Success Story

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Former South Street Competitor Jack Stacey has been awarded the prestigious Margaret Schofield scholarship for compostion.

“The Royal South Street Society gave a memorable contribution to my music career in 2012. It gave me an exposure to performing in different conditions and settings, and it has helped me receive critiques open-mindedly to improve on my performances. Having the honour of receiving the Frank-Robertson Scholarship in 2012 allowed me to purchase equipment for recording in my home studio and be able to further pursue my compositional ability.”

– Jack L. Stacey, 21/03/2017

Read the full article here.

Jack Stacey - Melba Hall 2017

A message from Jack...Here is a video of my performance of Nightfall's Lament last Friday; this composition of mine was inspired by Rachmaninov's emotional intensity in his Elegy in E-flat Minor, which gave me the motivation to create this piece, exploring the emotion of sorrow and its complexities.I want to say thank you all for the kind and beautiful words that you have given me. It's heartwarming to see the response that my music has given such appeal to you. I've made the start of my journey at uni, and so far, all is going well. Thank you all so much once again. Best of luck to those of you making the starting steps of uni like I am.Jack

Posted by Jack L. Stacey on Monday, 27 February 2017