Australian Calisthenics Competition 

Monday 4th October – Thursday 28th October 2021

Australian Calisthenics Solo Auditions, NEW competition date: 26th – 27th June 

Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre Ballarat

118 Years of Calisthenics at the Royal South Street Competitions

$34,000 in prizes

Entries are now closed for 2021

Royal South Street Society’s Australian Calisthenics Competition commenced in 1903 and today is one of the largest competitions in the country and has been , attracting clubs from WA, SA, NSW, ACT, QLD and of course Victoria.

Team comps will again be held in October, with entries open to:

Tinies          Championship to 6

Sub Juniors to Seniors    Championship to Division 7

Masters                               Divisions 1 to 6

Teams who have entered will compete in the revised division/grading list published by CV in May 2021.  Interstate teams should contact the office regarding their grading.

As per the recent decision made by Calisthenics Victoria, teams in Division 3-7 Intermediates and Seniors will be offered an Aesthetic section, whilst teams from Championship Reserve to Divisions 2 will be offered Rhythmical Aesthetic.

Championship teams unfortunately have been cancelled in 2021 due to numbers and we look forward to seeing a greater number of our Championship teams return for 2022.

We are pleased to be including Calisthenic Revue or Dance Arrangement (depending on section) in our suite of items as well.

Entries are NOW Closed



The Australian Calisthenics Solo Auditions that were scheduled for the 12th – 13th June, have been changed to the weekend of 26th -27th June at Her Majesty’s Theatre Ballarat, due to extended lockdown in metro Melbourne.
Tickets for this event are available , through or contact them on 5333 5888.
Tickets will be refunded if government restrictions continue and the event has to be postponed.
Ballaarat Calisthenics Solo: Adults $30, Conc $25, Child $20
Peace & Quiet Graceful Solo: Adults $35, Conc $30, Child $25
Weekend Pass: Adults $55, Conc $45, Child $35.00
*children under 5 years FREE
All Royal South Street competitions will comply with current COVID-19 guidelines for the safety of our competitors, and volunteers.

Australian Calisthenics Competition 2021



All teams competing must adhere to The Australian Calisthenic Federation Rules, which are the standard for all competitions and items throughout Australia.  The Royal South Street Society is exempt from The Victorian Rules and the Guideline for Team/Solo Competitions as set by CVI.

Please note as from 1st Jan 2019 the following changes apply to ACF Rules and Regulations – Age Changes and New Banned Movement for 2019


Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl Competition


Our wonderful sponsor Peace & Quiet Day Spa have sponsored Royal South Street Society’s prestigious Graceful Girl Competition since 2006, bringing 2021 as our 15th year of sponsorship due to the cancellation of 2020 competitions

2019 Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl winner – Angeline Cray from Jeaden Calisthenics Club

A few minutes with Angeline Cray in 2020

1.       How have you kept positive and active through 2020? 

I have kept positive and active through 2020 by going on relaxing walks admiring nature, trail bike riding with my husband and staying connected with my family and friends.

2.       Are you still competing in team calisthenics? If so, how has 2020 impacted your training?

I am still competing in calisthenics with my team.

You would think that calisthenics would stop due to a global pandemic, nope. Our usual training was affected by restrictions so classes commenced virtually.

3.       What club are you from?

Jeaden Calisthenics College

4.       What was it like to win the prestigious Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl Competition?

After many years of hard work, resilience, persistence and determination it was an amazing and surreal feeling to have won, a once in a lifetime opportunity. The next day there was a sense of sadness because I knew that I wouldn’t be performing in solos on that stage ever again.

5.       What advice would you have for other girls competing in Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl Competition?

Let your strengths differentiate you, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, enjoy every moment on the stage, show genuine emotion and perform from within, and most importantly believe in yourself.

6.       What is your favourite memory at Royal South Street Society?

I have so many favourite memories at RSSS but the main two are my first and last memories of solos at her majesty’s theatre, the incredible feeling I got when I stepped out on her majesty’s theatre for my very first solo as a senior in 2013 and winning both RSSS solos in 2019. 

These are memories I will cherish forever. I will forever be grateful to the RSSS for making this honour possible.

7.       What do you love most about calisthenics?

I love that you have the ability to take someone on a journey, and to tell a story through a single performance.  I love and appreciate the lifelong friendships made, the fact that you can always challenge yourself and keep fit and healthy whilst having fun. I love the fact that as a coach, I can now pass my knowledge on to my students to help and watch them grow as their own individual performer and give back to the calisthenics community.


Previous Winners of Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl Competition

2018 – Rebecca Reeves
2017 – Julia Doig



Ballaarat Calisthenic Solo Competition

Ballaarat Solo Competition is the proud sponsor of this section and his been “Shining Bright since 1993”


2019 Ballaarat Solo Competition winner – Angeline Cray from Jeaden Calisthenics Club

Previous Winners of Ballaarat Solo Competition

2018 – Kathryn Andrews Ceres Calisthenics Club
2017 – Julia Doig Ceres Calisthenics Club

Information and Forms for competitors

Information and forms for use by competitors and coaches for 2020 will be uploaded here as they become available.

HMT 2020 – 9 Spots and Measurements (Stage Dimensions)


Congratulations to every competitor who is chosen by their State or Territory for representation at RSSS as a soloist in 2020.  

Please note:

In 2021 Royal South Street Society is pleased to announce auditions for our Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl Competition and the Ballaarat Calisthenics Solo Competition.

Dates are scheduled for: Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th June 2021

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