Australian Calisthenics Competition 

Cancelled for 2020

Due to increased restrictions of COVID -19 in Victoria, we have unfortunately had to cancel this years Australian Calisthenics Competition. Refunds are currently being processed . If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Julie Wiseman at

Calisthenics is an artistic sport which has an Australia wide competition base. It combines dance, gymnastics, singing, apparatus manipulation and ballet, performed in theatres all across Australia.

Royal South Street Society’s Australian Calisthenics Competition  is one of the largest competitions in the country, attracting clubs from WA, SA, NSW, ACT, QLD and of course Victoria.

All teams competing must adhere to The Australian Calisthenic Federation Rules, which are the standard for all competitions and items throughout Australia.  The Royal South Street Society is exempt from The Victorian Rules and the Guideline for Team/Solo Competitions as set by CVI.

Please note as from 1st Jan 2019 the following changes apply to ACF Rules and Regulations – Age Changes and New Banned Movement for 2019

Calisthenics combines two Greek words, ‘kallos’ meaning beauty and ‘thenos’  strength and both attributes are very much required when competing.

Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl Competition


Our wonderful sponsor Peace & Quiet Day Spa have sponsored Royal South Street Society’s prestigious Graceful Girl Competition since 2006, bringing 2021 as our 15th year of sponsorship due to the cancellation of 2020 competitions


2019 Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl winner – Angeline Cray from Jeaden Calisthenics Club

Previous Winners of Peace & Quiet Graceful Girl Competition

2018 – Rebecca Reeves
2017 – Julia Doig


Ballaarat Calisthenic Solo Competition

Ballaarat Solo Competition is the proud sponsor of this section and his been “Shining Bright since 1993”


2019 Ballaarat Solo Competition winner – Angeline Cray from Jeaden Calisthenics Club

Previous Winners of Ballaarat Solo Competition

2018 – Kathryn Andrews Ceres Calisthenics Club
2017 – Julia Doig Ceres Calisthenics Club

Information and Forms for competitors

Information and forms for use by competitors and coaches for 2020 will be uploaded here as they become available.

HMT 2020 – 9 Spots and Measurements (Stage Dimensions)


Congratulations to every competitor who is chosen by their State or Territory for representation at RSSS as a soloist in 2020.  

Please note:

Each soloist will receive an email invitation from RSSS to complete their application and confirm entry.

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Australian Calisthenic Federation

The Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) is the national body of Calisthenics in Australia.

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