Energetiks Dance Competition 

Dance melds the beauty of music and movement and takes us to a world of wonderment.

The Royal South Street Energetiks Dance Competition is one of Australia’s largest attracting dancers from right around the country for over 2 weeks of performances.

Note to all competitors:

Please be aware that confirmation of exact divisions will only be made available via the Guidebooks which are estimated for released early August.
Strictly no changes will be made to performance order once the Guidebooks go to print.

1 Competition Advice for Teachers & Dancers

Click the link below to access important information for all Teachers and Troupes competing in the 2017 Energetiks Dance Competition

Competitor Information 2017

2 Teacher & Troupe Information

Teacher & Troupe Information 2017

3 Her Majesty’s Theatre: Rules & Map

Her Majesty’s Theatre Rules – as seen in the 2017 Competition Schedule
View the Her Majesty’s cross section map

4 Risk Assessment & JSEA Forms

It is a requirement of Her Majesty’s Theatre that any performance on stage that contains an element of risk MUST be granted permission prior to the performance.
In order to receive this permission a RISK ASSESSMENT (JSEA Form) must be completed and submitted to the RSSS Office 2 weeks prior to the start of the Section.  This form and information on risk assessments are available below.  Possible discussion/preview with a Her Majesty’s Theatre Technician may be requested prior to the performance.

6 Troupe Works Forms

Below you will find links to information regarding Stage Lighting at Her Majesty’s Theatre as well as all necessary forms for troupe performances.Her Majesty’s Theatre Stage Lighting Rules Dance Where possible it is recommended you keep a copy for your own records.

Access information here regarding  Please read carefully before completing and emailing forms below:

Email to compforms@royalsouthstreet.com.au

7 Passes

Current forms are available by clicking the links below.  Please read supply criteria and requirements carefully before completing. Contact the office on 03 5332 1054 or email compforms@royalsouthstreet.com.au if you have any queries

Dance Teach Pass for 2017

Parents Pass

Postal Purchase: Parent Passes 2017

Online Purchase: Parents Pass 2017 

8 Dressing Rooms/Backstage

In the interests of safety of all patrons this year, access to the Dressing Room and backstage area will be RESTRICTED, throughout all dance sessions NOT just the troupe sessions. Only authorised people who fit the categories below and those with a name tag will be allowed in the backstage door.

Name tags are needed for ALL competitors, parents, siblings etc when escorting competitor to dressing room, bringing props in or any other official helpers. These names tags MUST be worn at all times – competitors will be required to wear them until they reach the green room then they can be removed before going on stage. We recommend that competitors wear name tags on a lanyard which can be easily removed and replaced.

Relatives and friends coming to watch will only have access to the theatre  WILL NOT be able to enter through the back stage.

The only people permitted to enter the Stage area (including the Green Room) will be: authorised RSSS representatives, Theatre staff, competitors, one parent for a solo competitor in the current section, teachers and their assistants, and the Technical crew required for the session in progress. All these people MUST wear name tags. They will not be allowed in the backstage door without them. Pin it to your jacket or wear on a lanyard, so that security and theatre techs can easily see who you are and identify the dance school you belong with. Details that must be on the name tag are Name & Dance School. On troupe nights the name tag must be worn in addition to the authorised backstage dressing room pass. The only exception to this is competitors who have Dance tracksuits with the school logo and their individual name embroidered on the jacket – this can substitute for a name tag but MUST be worn at all times, when in costume a lanyard with the name and school must be worn at all times except when on stage.

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